Aliens In The Attic

  • Aliens in the Attic – Bloopers
    Dated: October 28, 2013   |   Duration: 05:01
    Behind-the-scenes gag reels of "Aliens in the Attic".
  • Aliens In The Attic | Official Trailer
    Dated: June 17, 2009   |   Duration: 02:08
    It’s summer vacation, but the Pearson family kids are stuck at a boring lake house with their nerdy parents. That is until feisty, little, green aliens crash-land on the roof, with plans to conquer the house and Earth! Using only their wits, courage and video game-playing skills, the youngsters must band together to defeat the aliens and save the world -- but the toughest part might be keeping the whole thing a secret from their parents!
  • Script developed by Never Enough Design