June 1, 2022   Leave a Reply   Site News

Because the site is over 10 years old now and we have some new shoots of him that have been amazing, we have a new layout up thanks to my friends Claudia (who designed it) and Jen whom got this as a birthday present for me! I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.

June 1, 2022   Leave a Reply   Elvis Gallery Update

Over 400 photos of Austin have been added from yesterday’s London premiere of Elvis! More to come later tonight and tomorrow, I just wanted to get these posted before I head off to work.

0002.jpg 0204.jpg 0236.jpg 0425.jpg

Gallery Link:

May 29, 2022   Leave a Reply   Elvis Gallery Update

Digital scans of Austin from the Cannes Film Festival magazine Gala Croisette have been added to the image gallery thanks to my dear friend Claudia!

0001.jpg 0003.jpg 0006.jpg 0007.jpg

Gallery Link: