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New project for Austin has been announced for Apple! Here’s a snippet  about what the project is about as well as the link to the source to read the entire article.

Based on a book by Donald L. Miller, Masters of the Air follows American “bomber boys” in World War II who flew missions over Germany, taking the war to Hitler’s doorstep. Butler will play Maj. Gale Cleven, and Turner will play Maj. John Egan.


I have just finished adding all the missing captures from season 2 of The Carrie Diaries to the image gallery! Head over to check them all out.

0154.jpg 0131.jpg 0163.jpg 0040.jpg

Gallery Link:

  • Television Appearances > 2013 | The Carrie Diaries > Season 2 > Episode Captures

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While the header is the same because I love it, I have put up new themes in the gallery as well as the main page. I hope to add some extra goodies for everyone next month once my work schedule dies down a bit!

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We have a brand new layout up here at Austin Butler Network, the header and theme base are by my friend Claudia! I hope you all enjoy it and I will have updates to the gallery coming soon.