Switched at Birth (Episode Guide)

1.04 – Dance Amongst Devils

(June 27, 2011)
Directed by: Steve Miner | Written by: Chad Fiveash & James Stoteraux

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The Buckner Hall fundraiser causes tension between everyone. Daphne asks to invite her new boyfriend Liam to the fundraiser. Everyone (especially Bay) is shocked that Daphne is dating her ex.

1.05 – Dogs Playing Poker

(July 4, 2011)
Directed by: Bethany Rooney | Written by: Joy Gregory

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When Ty brings Bay home at 3:00 AM, the Kennishes are concerned that their daughter is having sex. Meanwhile, Toby enlists Daphne and Emmett to help him fleece his friends in a poker game.

1.06 – The Persistence of Memory

(July 11, 2011)
Directed by: James L. Conway | Written by: Henry Robles

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Daphne has a hard time adjusting at Buckner, while Bay and Emmett bond.

1.06 – The Stag Hunt

(July 18, 2011)
Directed by: Michael Lange | Written by: Sean Reycraft

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Daphne discovers a secret Regina has been hiding, and Bay and Emmett continue to get closer. Daphne confronts Emmett about his new relationship with Bay, but he assures her there is nothing there.

1.08 – Pandora’s Box

(July 25, 2011)
Directed by: Elodie Keene | Written by:  Becky Hartman Edwards & Lizzy Weiss

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Bay and Emmett’s relationship gets more serious, and Regina comes clean about a secret she has been hiding from everyone.

1.10 – The Homecoming

(August 8, 2011)
Directed by: David Paymer | Written by: Lizzy Weiss

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Bay’s life is changed by someone who shows up to her art show.

1.11 – Starry Night

(January 3, 2012)
Directed by: Steve Miner | Written by: Lizzy Weiss

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Bay’s friend and Wilke’s ex-girlfriend Simone flirts with Toby. Daphne follows Emmett to a music festival, hoping to get some private time with him; Bay crashes the festival because she hears that Daphne is there. Daphne opens up and lets out some much needed steam. Emmett doesn’t want a girlfriend who uses deafness as a shield to protect him or one who does things for him because she does not think he can. Elsewhere, John requests that Regina be present when Bay sees Angelo again; and Kathryn secretly talks to a nurse who could assist in the lawsuit against the hospital. Regina and Bay meet up with Angelo and it does not go as planned.

1.12 – The Tempest

(January 10, 2012)
Directed by: Mel Damski | Written by: Lizzy Weiss

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Bay enlists Regina’s aid as she tries to improve relations with Emmett’s mother. Meanwhile Daphne befriends Simone and considers joining the Buckner basketball team over the disapproval of her father. Toby gets drawn into the fake ID business with Wilke. Kathryn Kennish is worried when a journalist approaches her about a book on the Kennish Family story.

1.14 – Les Soeurs d’Estrées

(January 24, 2012)
Directed by: Arlene Sanford | Written by: Joy Gregory

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Daphne and Bay rally together to support the same cause.

1.15 – Expulsion from the Garden of Eden

(January 31, 2012)
Directed by: Steve Miner | Written by: Chad Fiveash & James Stoteraux

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1.18 – The Art of Painting

(February 21, 2012)
Directed by: Norman Buckley | Written by: Joy Gregory & Anne Kenney

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Bay is concerned when Emmett tells her that he’s considering dropping out of school. Kathryn is worried when the nurse who agreed to testify against the hospital may have to pull out due to financial difficulties. Regina looks forward to seeing her art in the local gallery opening but is surprised by the way that she’s presented… and by Emmetts guests. Despite Simone’s antipathy, Daphne is named female athlete of the month at Buckner but is upset by the funding differences between Buckner and Carleton the public Deaf school.

1.19 – Write a Lonely Soldier

(February 28, 2012)
Directed by: Bethany Rooney | Written by: Chad Fiveash & James Stoteraux

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Daphne questions her relationship with Wilke.

1.21 – The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters

(March 13, 2012)
Directed by: Elodie Keene | Written by: Joy Gregory & Henry Robles

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As his birthday approaches, Emmett’s feeling guilty about his infidelity. When Bay and Daphne enlist the family and folks from school in shooting a deaf zombie movie as Emmett’s birthday present and enlist Simone’s help in shooting it, things get even worse. Wilkie tumbles to the secret and Emmett confesses to his mom but they all try to keep the others from discovering and being hurt. Meanwhile, Kathryn receives the first chapter of her rival’s book and it again raises her suspicions about whether John had an affair.

1.22 – Venus, Cupid, Folly, and Time

(March 20, 2012)
Directed by: Michael Lange | Written by: Lizzy Weiss

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Just before prom Wilkie’s father tells Daphne that Wilkie is being sent away to boarding school. Emmett finds a romantic way to invite Bay to the deaf prom but Wilkie spills the beans to Daphne and Emmett must tell Bay about his infidelity.