Episode Guide

2.01 – House Party

(June 20, 2010)
Directed by: Paul Hoen, F. Michael Blum | Written by: Michael Curtis, Lester Lewis


The boys throw a house party.


2.02- Back to the Beach

(June 27, 2010)
Directed by: Eyal Gordin, F. Michael Blum | Written by: Michael Curtis, Roger S.H. Shulman

JONAS_S02_E02_Back_to_the_Beach_avi0254.jpg JONAS_S02_E02_Back_to_the_Beach_avi0818.jpg JONAS_S02_E02_Back_to_the_Beach_avi0364.jpg JONAS_S02_E02_Back_to_the_Beach_avi0259.jpg

Joe becomes nervous before his film audition;.he discovers the other candidates look like him because the director wants a Joe Jonas type.





























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