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Holly   Mar 07, 2021   Leave a Reply

Thanks to my good friend Jennifer, I have added HD captures of Austin from the Lifetime movie The Bling Ring from 2011, to the gallery!

0897.jpg 0746.jpg 0751.jpg 0158.jpg

Gallery Link:

  • Film Productions > 2011 | Bling Ring > HD Captures

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I have redone Austin’s career pages, which now include episode guides minus his uncredited role in Ned’s. Please head over to check it out!

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I have replaced the captures of Austin from the episodes of the series Life Unexpected with better quality ones (minus episode 11 as I am still trying to get that one!).

0049.jpg 0009.jpg 0117.jpg 0004.jpg

Gallery Link:

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Captures of the missing episodes of Switched at Birth season 1  that Austin guest starred in have been added to the image gallery as well as updated captures from the first three he appeared in.

0028.jpg 0081.jpg 0033.jpg 0059.jpg

Gallery link: